I love the first autumn classes of the year, as they are still infused with a sense of the holidays. It's a lovely atmosphere: the studio is warm from the natural sunlight pouring through the skylights, the windows are open and the farm animals in the field behind often serenade us!

Five reasons to keep your phone out of the bedroom

Can your mobile phone really disrupt your sleep? Well, yes frankly it can. “But I can't live without it!” I hear you cry and there's this thing called 'Nomophobia' isn't that a good enough reason to keep our phones close at all times?

Do you sometimes think that the fear of not knowing how or when you might be better is the worst thing about experiencing chronic pain? It seems that chronic pain somehow diminishes our sense of Presence.  Presence refers to paying attention in the moment, an enhanced self-awareness. When talking with members of Chronic Pain Ireland at a speaking engagement recently..read on

One of the most difficult hurdles for people experiencing chronic pain is recognising that the 'illness beliefs' we assume everyone shares may in fact be particular to just us or our own family.

Mind Body Medicine (MBM), which is also be referred to as Stress Illness, is an emerging discipline with roots in Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) and Psychophysiologic Disorders (PPD). 

The other day a family friend’s legs buckled underneath him after walking only five metres. When I asked him what was wrong, he explained that his legs are so weak now that he can’t walk.

When someone arrives in my studio with chronic pain, they are assessed to see what movement range they have.

This short audio recording from Mags Clark-Smith explains what Chronic Pain is, why a lack of diagnosis can be so damaging,

So many patients are upset that they can't get a medical practitioner to give them a reason for their pain. The expectation is

One of the most exciting speaking engagements for me this year was organised by Georgie Oldfield with support from SIRPA's executive board:

Research suggests that 95% of the time our mind reverts to the beliefs we hold in our subconscious, laid down before we were seven.

There was an enthusiastic audience of therapists at the TASK conference in Westport, Co Mayo in the beautiful west of Ireland this Sunday 19th April.

'A breath of fresh air' – the Virtual Programme from Mags and Siobhán

Chronic pain, defined

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