Presentation in Westport, Ireland on Sunday 19th April


There was an enthusiastic audience of therapists at the TASK conference in Westport, Co Mayo in the beautiful west of Ireland this Sunday 19th April. Mags gave a presentation based on four case studies illustrating the nature of Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) within a Whole Health Medicine Institute (WHMI) framework.

Mags will also giving a presentation this forthcoming Sunday 26th April 2015 at The Royal Society of Medicine in London: The ‘Suppress, Manage or Cure’ SIRPA conference is the first TMS conference in Europe. It’s very exciting with several key speakers from USA – Dr. David Clarke, Dr. Howard Schubiner to name just two.

In Westport, there was also great excitement celebrating 20 years of TASK Ireland and a fabulous practical session covering elemental postural techniques and abdominal muscle work. Mags developed a physical social network and individuals, duets and groups discussed their ‘take away’ key points from the presentation. 

Here are some of the take away points:

·       Respecting individual perspectives.

·       Valuing Active Listening.

·       Nurturing gentle physical movement.

·       Therapeutic relationship potential.

·      Appreciation that each practitioner has a unique blend of skills to offer.

What skills do you think are important to resolving chronic pain? We would love to hear your views please comment below!

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Praise for RCP Virtual Programme

'A breath of fresh air' – the Virtual Programme from Mags and Siobhán

Chronic pain, defined as lasting more than three months, is not normal and it is not something that patients should have to bear. In these teleclasses, Mags and Siobhán will guide you through their approach to dealing with chronic pain in a warm and engaging way. The classes are an interactive opportunity to engage with your pain and to learn more about how to resolve it. 

A single purchase gives you unlimited access to all six teleclasses, meaning that you can pause, rewind and reply the class at your leisure. There is no pressure to advance through them quickly, giving you the time you need to absorb new information and reflect upon what has been said. 

Mags and Siobhán take the listener through a clear and logical six step process, inviting them to examine their limiting beliefs and attitude to pain. There are many exercises and extra resources suggested along the way, empowering you to chose how much or how little extra research you would like to do. 

The content has been praised by patients as it is 'positive and encouraging. But it is realistic and shows a deep and sympathetic understanding of the difficulties of patients suffering from, chronic pain. Patients are encouraged to help themselves in a practical way, and difficult issues such as past emotionally charged experiences are acknowledged but not dwelt on.'

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