What We Do

We help you learn about the neurophysiology of chronic pain and how to recognise what might perpetuate persistent symptoms, sometimes called triggers. This will help with pain resolution as well as improving stress resilience. As many of our case studies suggest, reducing the level of pain you feel can lead to life changing results.

Chronic Pain Conditions Commonly Treated:

  • Musculoskeletal: back, neck, joint pain, tension headache, RSI.

  • Abdominal and Pelvic Pain: IBS and PPGP.

  • Exhaustive Conditions: Fibromyalgia, ME.

We treat most types of chronic pain.

The term 'chronic' refers to the longevity of the pain. Most chronic pain has been experienced for over three months. Always check with your medical practitioner to rule out infection, cancer, fracture and autoimmune disorders before you call us. 

Each appointment covers the fundamental concepts regarding the neurophysiology of pain and the importance of movement to pain resolution. You will be taught appropriate movement for your condition and other skills to improve stress resilience, these may differ depending on individual needs. Learning to trust and have confidence in your body again can be liberating.

Key influencers: Dr John Sarno, Dr David Clarke, Dr Lissa Rankin.

Appointments: You can book an individual consultation for chronic pain relief and or pregnancy support either face to face or online. Mags holds a monthly clinic in Carrickmines, Dublin and Edinburgh. It is also possible to book a face to face session in Cork. Appointments by phone or online are by Whatsapp or Zoom.

Classes: Mags teaches classes by invitation as part of Human Resources in Business, Universities and special interest groups.

Booking: Please see Contacts.

Listen to Mags Clark-Smith interview with East Coast radio station

I would recommend that everyone should attend Mags Clark-Smith for a one-to-one consultation. She knows so much about the body. Her high level of training and vast experience shine through. Without her advice I would be on long term pain medication.
— L Flemming 2013