Body Centering Pilates DVD


Body Centering Pilates DVD

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The Resolving Chronic Pain programme incorporates gentle safe movement for the body to improve self-confidence, flexibility and fitness.

The movement programme is supported by Mags Clark-Smith's Body Centering Pilates DVD.

The DVD is a comprehensive programme that will guide you through the first stages of learning Body Centering Pilates and will improve muscle strength and positive body awareness.


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Body Centering Pilates introduces the idea of an information exchange between the body and the mind. It will raise your body awareness and balance your muscles.

The Body Centering Pilates DVD comprises 6 Sections:

1) A personal on introduction from Mags Clark-Smith

2) Fundamental Movements

3) Warm Up

4) Level 1

5) Level 2

6) Level 3

The movement experience is perfect for both novice and experienced sports enthusiast.

Produced and Presented by Mags Clark-Smith.

Featuring Rosanna Davison with Diane Davison and Elsa Maishman