Antoinette has attended two 1-1 sessions, each of which involved a 12 hour round trip of travel on two different buses for a one hour session. Antoinette is also participating in the Virtual Programme. Her testimonial arrived by email on Monday 26th October 2015.

"The main positive that I have gained from my first visit is a lack of fear. For the previous 18 months, I had gone from trying too hard to improve, which had the opposite effect, to not trying anything. I had begun to feel that everything I did caused more pain. Mags helped me see that my body was not as fragile as I imagined and that doing things, slowly but surely would help me live again. I had stopped bending, lifting, walking, cycling, basically everything. Since my first visit I have gone cycling with my girlies, walked, bent to lift things off the floor, all whilst ensuring my core was prepared. Core preparation and lack of terror has enabled me to live more normally than I had in a long while. I no longer bring a cane with me to help me walk, because Mags reminded me that my legs are strong enough to carry me on their own. I even went camping at the start of August, and although there were times when the pain was so excruciatingly debilitating, I managed. I would never even have contemplated attempting this in my previous pain-filled life.

I find that living outside of my pain and ignoring it as best I can is far better, and more freeing, than living inside the pain. When my back clicks painfully now I say ‘go away stupid back’ rather than imaging that if I move I will break. As the pain is no longer at the forefront of my entire mind, I have been able to focus a bit better on things like cooking, baking, knitting, reading, talking and playing. I can listen to my children and truly hear what they are saying because I am now outside the pain cloud that had enveloped me for so long. I also find that my brain is chattering a lot more than it used to but by following my breath I can get some sleep."

Adam is a Senior BioTech Manager in Dun Laoghaire. On 10th May 2018 he wrote:

"I have been busy not thinking about back pain! I have run 320km since January and run most days. It's a million miles away from where I was a year ago when I came to you, and the longest time I have been pain free that I can remember".


 Patricia, an MD, wrote a note that she left in the studio on 21st May 2015.

"Mags – largely thanks to you I made a remarkable recovery from a horse riding accident and fractured pelvis. Without you things would have been very different. You were both encouraging and challenging. You took away the 'fear' factor. You miss nothing so it's impossible to cheat! Your attention to detail and love of what you do are key. Thanks to you I'm back horse riding and probably in better shape than before the accident. I am eternally grateful......."

Susan was seen at Cork University Maternity Hospital in December 2017 as part of a research study. Delighted staff were as astonished as she was by her recovery.

"When I first came to the session I was severely limited in my ability to move freely. I was totally dependent on crutches and belly support bandages to help me. And now I have zero pain in my pelvis, I do not need to use crutches or belts anymore and can walk normally. I am now very happy with everything and with the help with controlling my PGP this has made my life and pregnancy so much easier and calmer".

Geraldine, a retired Surgeon resident in Dublin, had foot surgery three months before attending Mags' clinic. Here is her written testimonial received on 18th June 2015.

"I most value the result, I feel totally different, all loose and limbered up! I walk completely differently as some sense of 'protecting' my left foot has gone. I loved the feeling of security, never feeling that anything adverse or any injury might happen during a session. Mags is a true professional and her depth of knowledge in her chosen speciality is huge. When each session is over I can't wait for the next one. I had foot surgery on 3rd Feb and arrived to Mags with a purple balloon foot no other treatment had worked".

Ina wrote to Mags on 20th June 2015.

"You Mags have helped me in every way, including resolving my back pain".